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Welcome to Light Film International

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Light Film International is a Croatia based company for production services, postproduction and outstanding 3D animations.

Although relatively young as a creative collective, in terms of quality LFI is a mixture of creative freshness and relevance.
We bring you the best of two worlds: a tireless idea factory combined with extensive work experience of each team member.
It’s not only about making things done. It is about making them as perfect as possible, as smooth as possible. We are truly dedicated to fulfil all the demands of the project, however complicated it may seem. Or, let’s put it this way: if this industry one day decides to award stubborn persistency, our team could easily be among the first nominees.



Our services are tailor – made to fit all client’s needs, in production as well as animation. That means you will get extraordinary location scouting, complete casting and booking services, full equipment rental and first class management services with all additional help your project might require. And all that comes to you with less stress.
In postproduction and animation, this brings you out of the box solutions made with close attention to details by best visual artists and 3D animators.
Our long client list includes AMPAS, MTV, NFL, NBA, ABC, Oto Film and Petrol Advertising, but on the top of all these references shines our Emmy Award statue… and it’s not lonely there.





Production services

Let’s produce perfection.

LFI crew is here for you, dedicated to every single detail of the project. The production services we provide are all-in-one solutions for any of your production requests, from initial planning, budgeting, location scouting, casting, managing the permits and security, full equipment rental and postproduction. Every offer is custom made to make the best out of your project, keeping in mind expected level of quality as well as cost effectiveness.


Animation & VFX

Let’s turn impossible into possible.

Animation, modelling, rendering and special effects are in safe yet creative hands of our international team of top - notch artists.  Stunning 3D animations, detailed characters and high end video effects are just a small part of what is going on in our animation/vfx department. From idea to realization, from realistic intervention to colourful imagination, we’re ready to take it one step further.

Croatia has it all… and then some.

The sunny coast and turquoise sea, green mountains and rich woods, old cities and hidden villages, wide rivers and wild falls - and everything is closer than you’d ever think.


  • 2600 sunny hours per year
  • 1777 kilometres of coast
  • 1246 islands
  • 180 castles


  • 34 rivers
  • 8 National parks
  • 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • ∞ number of unique scenes



1185 kilometres of Croatian coastline offer unique blend of the past and the present of Mediterranean area. Breath-taking sunrises as well as sunsets, transparent turquoise sea, unique islands, roads and paths, cliffs, stunning beaches, hidden coves and ancient fortresses bathed in sun will turn your project into a memorable visual experience.




Continental part of Croatia never fails to amaze with eye-catching scenery and diverse shooting possibilities. From baroque architecture of old Varaždin town to Zagreb’s industrial skyline, from greenest of greens in Gorski Kotar to old castles in Zagorje, from amazing Plitvice waterfalls to golden fields of Slavonija, there is a perfect backdrop for your story to be told.





We are looking foward to hear from you


Light Film d.o.o.
Zagrebačka cesta 192
10 000 Zagreb

Marijan Topolovec, Managing director
00 385 95 1990 111

Hrvoje Boljkovac, Head of Production
00 385 91 2828 500